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The National Boppers Hall of Fame (HOF) is an organization that was founded in 1990. Though the intent of the founder, Bill Maddox, was to eventually go national in scope, the HOF began inductions locally in Jacksonville, FL. It then grew regionally to encompass the Southeastern United States. It now has members from Miami to New York and from the Carolinas to California. The original goal to become a national organization has been acheived. The current 135 members shown and listed here have fullfilled the requirements for induction and proudly represent their

FastDance Association. It is dedicated to seeking out and honoring those individuals within the national "fastdance" community who have unselfishly contributed their time, talents and efforts to preserve, promote and pass on to future generations all of our various dance styles and music. The Hall of Fame "Wall of Fame" headquarters is located at Club Savoy in Jacksonville, FL. We would like you to come
local dance clubs or organizations. The HOF endeavors to induct newly nominated members annually. The impressive HOF induction ceremonies usually occur at 2-3 major dance conventions scattered all across America. The HOF welcomes, encourages, and would strongly consider any host's or sponsor's invitation to conduct our induction ceremonies at any major dance event or convention. The HOF is one of the original Supporting Members of the National
visit us there and view the very impressive gallery of Hall of Famers. But if you are unable to visit the Hall of Fame personally, this website brings it to you. Since we induct yearly, the hall of Fame website will continue to be a "work in progress".
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